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September 2016
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Small Bedroom Ideas; Making the most of a small space.

Zoopla Property Group author Ewan Robertson provides tips and ideas to maximise space in a small bedroom including decorative details, de- cluttering, smart storage and multi-functional furniture.


Modern living is all about combining space-saving ideas with a welcoming finish and nowhere is this more relevant than in a small bedroom. It’s possible to make even the smallest of rooms expand before your eyes with a few tricks of light, a carefully planned colour palette and some smart storage. Take inspiration from these small bedroom ideas and create a stylish space that’s also 100-per cent relaxing:

A dingy box room is probably the last place you’d want to retire for the night, so an easy first step is to think about light – and lots of it!  Make the most of any windows by swapping curtains for wooden or roller blinds to give a more airy feel to the room.

Paint the walls as pale as you like and try to keep within a particular monochromatic range such as beiges to terracottas; this will boost the room’s visual capacity. Fans of stronger shades can be put to better use in accent features like cushions or fabric hangings.


Pay attention to what’s under your feet.  A thick carpet or one that’s past its prime will make a small room feel too stuffy. Replace with a lighter colour, or just expose the bare floorboards instead; you can always mix this up with a soft rug to create the illusion of more ground space. For a really fresh look, paint the floorboards white.

When kitting out a small bedroom, really strip it down to the essentials. Free-standing furniture is often too bulky, but inserting a false wall with a sliding wardrobe can streamline the whole room and optimise any awkward corners or alcoves.

The best trick you can pull in a small bedroom is multi-functional furniture. Think under-bed pull-out drawers, comfy seats beneath the window and built-in cupboards that frame the bed and utilise free wall spaces.

To effectively de-clutter, try making a decorative feature of anything you need to store, erecting shelves or open  cupboards to display books, folders, photo frames or ornaments. If floor space is limited, it’s really important to see as much of it as you can, so investigate floating desks and wall- fixed nightstands to increase the room underfoot.

There are countless devices that can be employed to make a room appear bigger than it is, including mirrors and recessed shelving. Whether it’s a spare box room or a child’s first bedroom, space is precious in the smallest room in the house, so make sure you squeeze as much as you can out of it.

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